Invisible Presence

Based on Afghanistan Refugee Ministry statistic in 2018, the number of Afghan asylum seekers were 6 million in the world which approximately 3 million out of 6 million live in Iran. There has been unprecedented immigration of Afghans after the invasion of the Soviet Union during 1980-1988. In this period, due to similarity in cultural and religious context a wide array of Afghans flooded to Iran. Countless numbers of these immigrants began to stay in different cities. Following the fall of democratic republic of Afghanistan the number of Afghan immigrant in Iran reduced; however, when Taliban regime came to power, again the wave of legal and illegal immigration to Iran raised. According to the Human Right Watch report, Afghan immigrant and refugees are in worrying condition. Families who have immigrated to Iran between 1970-1980, are deprived of least citizen rights. In addition to this, in 2012, the forbidden cities for non-Iranian nationalities particularly Afghan people have announced in Iran. Therefore, the stay of Afghans was prohibited in 14 provinces.